Auto-Deception Story: (Class Mystery)

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    Took off the Origin is in Perfection stuff and post up some random clips from the Auto-Deception story. If anyone read it believe it or not it was some of my better stuff, this is some of my earlier writing. Bleh....(hoping someone reads and comments. Encouraging comments)

    Just posting this edited so it's something different, sort of like advertiseing. The little jokes are kind of corney but good for a mild chuckle. I personally like the Skybomb character, he's the guy to represent us all when we were young and bad....

    Random segments
    The garage of Ocean City was also a pad for warp gate technology. Early back the Decepticon’s tried sabotaging the equipment by bombing it. Instead of re-building it, they moved the system into the vast garage of Autobot repairs where it could be protected.

    Prime was just about to leave Ocean city when a Decepticon ran up to him from within the city. “Sir! Megatron has high-jacked a bus full of nuns!”

    “WHAT?” he turns to him taken by the statement.

    “Umm, no.” he scratched the back of his head white head.

    “Vex, what is it?”

    “Uh, what I meant to say. He highjacked a bus of elementary students from Arroyo Elementary. I think the old ploy “kids got Mini-Con, must be destroyed” follows.”

    “Give the Autobot’s new orders. Tell them to head to the coordinates of the town.”

    “Yes sir.”

    “I’ll be on my way there.” The path ahead of him-resembles a ramp-lights of. The area around the ramp seems to lose gravity or changes fields because items slide away. This explains the sign near the ramp. Optimus slides forwards onto the ramp. He seems to just disappear.

    Vex chimes in, “All Autobot’s, please report to the Axis garage on level three…”

    “Ho hum, I am bored,” he sighed. There was no light; he was far underground so nothing filtered from the ceiling but grit. He looked around, then, sighed again. He looked down at his silly tiny feet with the three toes, “I’m easily bored and easily amused.” He turned and walked along the left side of the tunnel, the other side was imbedded with the wall so this was his only choice. The wall was curved slightly like a form of cone spliced with a hexagon, it was gritty like old rusted metal found in the desert; much of it had decomposed and littered the floor, “Hmm, hmm…” he started up the music left in his chest, softly so no one would hear him. He debated whether or not he should blast it over someone else’s frequency; the way Blaster had shown him. He began to notice the tunnel changing shape. It began veering away from him. He followed it wondering if the Transformer’s within had enough room to walk around; or maybe they would call him to help. That was an insult he felt and he huffed.

    ~ “Skybomb!” ~

    “Here?” he halts turning away from the tunnel.

    ~ “Where are you?” an annoyed voice cries alarmed. ~

    “Why, exploring. Why?”

    ~ “We’re under attack you slag head!” ~

    Skybomb cringed. “Ooh,” He thought, That’s not going to look good on my record.

    ~ “Get to the entrance, NOW!” ~

    “Yes sir.” He turns running back.

    What Skybomb left behind was no end of a tunnel. What he didn’t see was the gigantic hand with the thick claw tipped fingers. The pinky could unintentionally crush the largest Transformer, and Skybomb missed it.

    The small Decepticon rushed to the front of the tunnel, hovering across the ground using the jets on his back. He fell into chaos. Lasers were going in and out of the tunnel’s entrance. He paused studying the scene. Three Decepticon’s fired into the tunnel purple lasers and two red sets exit the tunnel. A fourth Decepticon emerges dragging one of the jet formatted Omnicon’s around the neck: he was out of it. The Decepticon’s kept their fire on the Autobot’s inside.

    Skybomb frowned; they hadn’t detected him yet, he wasn’t worth shooting, and the final insult was kidnapping this Omnicon right in front of him. The rage shot likes flames in his tiny form overwhelming his own spark of life in his chest and exited through the jet thrusters on his back. He shot forward ramming the Decepticon with an outstretched fist.
    He uttered a ‘guck’ but recovered quickly dropping the Omnicon and grabbed Skybomb. He lifted the small Decepticon high. “You have some nerve, Runt!”

    “My names not Runt, its Skybomb! Skybomb!” he takes a sword from between his jet armor back and his body; he thrusts the blade into the Decepticon’s chest.

    “AHHH!” he drops Skybomb recoiling over his body and backing away like a dung bug.

    Skybomb jumped back when the other three Decepticon’s start firing on him; he holds his sword with his hands using both ends to hold off their fire: he destroys the hilt in the process. Two rocket launchers that sit on his shoulder fire solid missiles at the three Decepticon’s. The Autobot’s fire behind him gives him more courage and he leaps at a Decepticon standing between the other two. He plants his sword into the Decepticon’s chest kicking him with his sharp heels hoping to send him onto his back. He does better.
    Skybomb slices the Decepticon’s arm off and he lets out a howl of pain. He throws the little Decepticon down and reels around changing into a jet and takes off. The other two grab their fallen ally and drag him away.

    Skybomb walks over to the Omnicon as he puts his sword away. “Are you alright, Lexicon?” he leans over into his face.

    “Hh…” he glares up at Skybomb. “This is all your fault, Runt.”

    “I know.” He points off to the severed arm, “I got a souvenir. And the names, Skybomb,” he groans.

    “Not that!” the Omnicon stands up and grabs him around the shoulders, “Where were you?”

    “Exploring!” you knew you did something really wrong when an Omnicon began yelling at you.

    “You were assigned to stand guard, not wander off when you feel like it!” Lexicon sighs retaining control of his voice. He has to keep reminding himself that this was a Decepticon, and a very young juvenile one at that. With this he had to remember the Decepticon had returned and no one was hurt. He sighs, “You can’t just wander around like that when you’re given an order. You have to follow through.”

    “But I don’t want orders. I don’t want stupid guard duty. I want to fight.”

    The Omnicon sighs shaking his head. “By the way you’re going; it’ll be a long time before you’re sent into battle.”

    “Grrr…” he was about to jump the Omnicon and finish what the Decepticon’s started:

    “Hey, we found it!” a voice calls from the tunnel.

    Lexicon looks up. “You did?” he takes route for the tunnel leaving Skybomb.
    The small Decepticon follows him, because ‘he wasn’t given and order not to’. Plus, he didn’t think Lexicon was done talking to him.

    The tunnel was lit slightly with tiny light generated by Mini-Con’s that lined either wall. They walked for a good while and Skybomb kept track of time in case he was given a chance to explore the outside of the tunnel again. He wanted to mark how deep he went. They followed two Autobot’s; their colors were only extinguishable by their glowing eyes; a blue pair and a green pair. They halted by a normal wall like the others the rest they passed when walking deeper into the tunnel:

    “Here it is,” said the Autobot with green eyes, “undisturbed for millions of years.”
    Lexicon peered at the wall, “Yes, I see. Marvelous,” he seemed pleased as he leaned back.

    Skybomb peered around his right flank to see, “What is it?”

    The blue-eyed Autobot was about to speak, but only managed a squeak when Lexicon spoke:

    “We found these images carved into the wall here. It doesn’t tell a story but merely shows one event at it’s peek.” He motions the wall. “It shows an Autobot and Decepticon reaching up to this bright orb, above the orb hovers the monster Transformer. Whoever touches the orb may control the fate of this monster.”

    “The two reaching for the orb. It doesn’t show, but could it be Megatron and Prime?”
    “A Prime, yes. Megatron? Maybe,” he rubs his chin.

    Skybomb unintentionally sounded childish, “I thought the monster Transformer was dead.”

    “He is. We believe this may have had something to do with the Energon battles, when Megatron did obtain control of the monster. It could even go farther back than their time.”

    “So, he was like the spoils.” He tilts his head.

    “We’re trying to figure it out, but no one can really be sure-“ Lexicon turns to him snapping, “what are you doing in here anyway? You’re supposed to be outside standing guard!”

    Skybomb grins as he dashes off, “Heh, sorry!”

    He shakes his head, “Maybe he can be replaced…”

    “Lexicon, look.”

    He turns to the blue-eyed Transformer, “What?”

    He chips away at some of the corroded metal oxide, “Look what is under the two reaching for the orb.” When he rubs away at the rotten oxide, the symbols or Mini-Con’s are printed all over the place; little seashells washed upon the shore of a grand event.
    Lexicon stares intently. “What does that mean?”

    The leader of Decepticon’s shifts his head from thought patterns to look down at a kneeling Demolishor. He didn’t need to ask the irritating Decepticon to continue. All he needed to do was give him his attention: speak or I’ll destroy you.

    “One of the Mini-Con’s searching the catacombs found something.”
    Megatron remained silent. This was one of those days where he didn’t feel the little bit of spur to speak with lower life forms.

    “It’s an ancient computer chip.”

    Now Megatron’s interest was peeked. He raised his head, “An ancient computer chip?”

    “Figuratively speaking. It appears to be much older and far behind our own technology. It must have been waiting here for millions of years before it’s discovery.”

    “Where is it now?”

    “Uh,” a panel on his wrist opens and he produces a piece of hard ware the size of Megatron’s thumb. It looks like a rectangular computer chip. He delicately holds it between two claws as Megatron accepts it.

    “Ah, good.” He holds the chip up examining the data from the outside, what years of negligence had done to it. “What is on this piece of hardware?”
    He looks up shaking his head, “I don’t know. I came to you as soon as I got it.”

    “Even better,” he stands.

    The two Mini-Con’s that had been fighting now are exhausted. One still has the other in a death grip limply holding him to the ground.

    Megatron steps over them as he walks to the wall across from his throne. Parts from the Mini-Con ships and constructions from Cybertron were used to create a sophisticated computer that held information on energon, the towers, and more than two thousand Mini-Con sightings. The problem was getting to the information. That was difficult unless you knew the proper access codes for the exact areas. Megatron just used this machine for asserting data.

    He inserts the chip into a slot below the rectangular screen and presses a button. Nothing happens. He tries the button again. Still nothing. He becomes frustrated and hits the computer. Surprisingly…nothing. “What is wrong with this confounded piece of junk?”

    “Like I said, the chip is outdated. The computers here may not be able to read-”

    “Nonsense!” he snaps back, “there’s nothing older than Mini-Con technology!” he punches the slot he inserted the chip in. The computer sparks from the abuse and a picture flickers on the screen. Megatron stops himself from striking again to see what he’d done.

    Demolishor gasped, “What is that?”

    “Atlantis?” he stares trying to download the information from his optics before it is gone. He manages a fragment of an under water city and six natural enemies that fought the other long, long ago; but the picture dies. “ARRR!” Megatron strikes his fists to the computer crumpling it further and killing remaining information.

    He really needs to control his temper, Demolishor takes this time to back away.

    Megatron snarls at the ceiling oblivious that Demolishor had made a safe escape, “This entire conundrum is driving me insane!”

    One Mini-Con whispers to the other, “I couldn’t tell.”

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    <SigH> Went back and did some editing of the stories. I want to post them, share them, give them to you fellow fans because I was a hard core fan when I wrote them but....

    I'm a little worried to post these stories. They are huge, like...120 chapters long, some going over fifty pages. I tried to cram in as much detail as I could to go back on, delete, and finalize later but never did. I've run out of time

    And on a plus to this, some of the chapters I didn't want to do, but I wanted a sort of connection later, emotional impact. And some chapters are a bit of a controversy, nothing big, but, if I were to post them I'd have to sticky on a warning for PG-13 guidance or something (not joking).

    There's no sexual content in them but there are some violent segments that emphasize how evil Megatron is, or the lengths at which he will go to in order to have a point made. There are some religious banters between a few of the characters after one of the warriors passed on due to natural causes, it also highlights some foreshadowing events for other characters....

    I was sort of testing myself with these stories to see what I could do, if I could complete a novel sized story with characters and a plot I was already familiar with (the plot I wrote with my friends three years before), and improve my writing skills a bit. That is why they begin cr@pt@stic and become moderatly decent before the end. Or at least I like to believe so :rip 

    Plus, the ending's kind of cool. It says a lot for Prime, I hope.

    I just need to know if it would be all right with anyone reading fanfics, if I were to try and post these monsterious stories. I'm more curious to know about opinions on the matter of violence before I try anything that might get me into trouble later. I wasn't trying to write little kiddy stories, but maybe something that made a little sense, if not it would certainly be entertaining

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