Auto Assembly: Target 2006 - Nine Days To Go!

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    With just NINE days to go before Auto Assembly: Target 2006 on 3rd June in Birmingham, England we thought we'd bring you a reminder of some of the activities taking place for those of you still undecided about whether or not to attend this year's convention as well as some news on a few more developments...

    We have a great guest line-up headlined by none other than DAVID KAYE, the voice of Megatron for the last ten years! Backing him up is legendary Transformers writer Simon Furman and our array of super artists - Andrew Wildman, Lee Sullivan, Geoff Senior, Guido Guidi, Simon Williams, Jasno Cardy and Mike Collins!

    We also have a massive range of dealers who will have a superb range of Transformers toys and merchandise on offer ranging from vintage G1 toys up to the latest releases. There will be plenty of bargains to be had including massive discounts on a range of graphic novels from Titan Books through the Auto Assembly registration desk, some great items from Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman, and a few of the dealers present will even be running free prize draws to win some great toys!!

    But it's not just about guests and dealers... we will have a massive art display showcasing artwork from Transformers comics throughout the years including the original UK Marvel titles, Dreamwave, Panini, 3H, along with original toy box art and artwork we have commissioned from top transformers artists for our own convention exclusive postcards and magazines. Featured artists will include Andrew Wildman, Guido Guidi, Dan Khanna, Lee Sullivan, Simon Williams, Jeff Anderson and more! Next to that will be our traditional toy display.

    Not content with that, there will be video screenings throughout the day, the unique fan consultation event being undertaken by the British company making a new Transformers product throughout the day, a bar, plenty of chances for you to catch up with old friends (or make new ones!), competitions, and our charity fundraising activities including a raffle and auction...

    The charity auction this year is looking fantastic and we have some wonderful items up for grabs. We have autographs from (amongst others) Dan Gilvezan (G1 - Bumblebee), Mike McConnohie (G1 - Tracks, Cosmos; RiD - Ironhide, Hotshot), Neil Ross (G1- Slag, Springer etc), Wally Wingert (RiD - Sideburn, Mirage), and Neil Kaplan (RiD - Prime), original artwork from Andrew Wildman, Guido Guidi, Lee Sullivan, and Simon Williams, signed comics, a signed script to GI Joe vs Transformers: The Art Of War #4, and the two highlights of this year's auction... personalised voice mail recordings from Mike McConnohie and David Sobolov (BW - Depth Charge)!

    But that's not all... we've had more great news regarding the goodie bag this year and even though we've only got a few days to go before the convention, we've just added ANOTHER free gift for attendees!! Thanks to Transformers DVD producers Metrodome, we'll be including postcards in packs for the first 400 or so attendees at the convention. We don't know exactly how many we will have but as these are limited you only have a few days left to have a chance to get your hands on these if you haven't already booked! The postcards are some of the ones that have been included in the DVD box sets but they're a great extra if you don't already have them.

    Also, thanks to Metrodome, we will be getting a selection of DVD box sets that we will be giving away in the raffle, for prizes in our competitions and some rare DVD test discs from some of their box sets in the auction including - for the first time ever - Transformers: Masterforce!!

    We DO have places available for you to pre-register and you still have time to get the Metrodome goodies but you'll need to book quickly! As we have said before, we are likely to have on-the-door places but we don't know how many so pre-registration is the best way to guarantee admission, especially if you have a long way to travel!

    With just NINE DAYS to go, you've only got a few days to make up your mind about whether you want to attend Auto Assembly: Target 2006 so book online now at and we hope to see you next weekend!

    Simon and Sven,
    Auto Assembly: Target 2006
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    Cant wait, my first int con :) 

    got my confirmation pack today thx :) 

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