Auto Assembly: Target 2006 Major News Update!

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    Hi everyone!

    We're only SIX days away now from Auto Assembly: Target 2006 on 3rd June here in Birmingham, England and we thought we'd bring you another news update covering a few key areas of the convention. We've got important updates on bookings, the charity auction and more besides...


    Bookings are still coming in and we want to update you all on the situation here. For everyone who has pre-registered so far, we have now sent out all of the confirmation slips/packs for everyone who has pre-registered up to midnight on Friday 26th May 2006. All of bookings we have received since then will be posted out Tuesday 30th May by first class post and should reach you by Thursday 1st June at the latest.

    However, for those of you who do live in the UK and who have not pre-booked there is STILL time to pre-register IF you book in the next 48 hours! As long as we receive your booking online by 10:00 am on Tuesday 30th May, we will be able to process them and send them out the same day. We can't guarantee to process any bookings received beyond this point.

    At 11:00 am on 30th May we will be making the final draw to see who is taking part in the consulation exercise taking place at the convention so you still have a chance to get involved in that part of the convention as well!!


    At the time of writing, there are approximately 130 places left for Auto Assembly: Target 2006 including on-the-door places which is fewer than last year. While Auto Assembly 2005 was NOT a complete sell out, we have had considerably more bookings than last year at this point and we are expecting to have more places confirmed in the next couple of days that have been provisionally reserved so this figure will be reduced. With expected local press coverage also expected prior to the convention we still STRONGLY recommend pre-booking while you still can.


    For those of you interested, we are hoping to be able to take credit card payments (via PayPal) for items in the charity auction. We are currently working on having internet access at the convention although this will be for admistrative use only. We must stress that such payments will be subject to a 5% handling fee as we are charged by PayPal for all payments received. We will also be able to accept card payments for purchases from the Auto Assembly registration desk for merchandise including copies of our event magazine, other items and Titan Books graphic novels that we will be selling.


    Guido Guidi will be doing sketches for fans at Auto Assembly although we have been asked by sponsors TF Auctions to stress that - because of time - these will be limited although Guidi will be happy to sign autographs throughout the day.


    While we were preparing the goodie bag, we have been able to confirm the exact numbers of most of the items we have available in the packs for everyone this year. The situation is as follows:- Ladybird G1 books (first 139 attendees), G2 Colouring/Activity books (first 294 attendees), Cards Inc G1 Stickers (first 340 attendees), and for every attendee are:- Auto Assembly Postcard #002 (Simon Williams), Auto Assembly Postcard #003 (Guido Guidi), Model & Collector's Mart magazine, and a bag of Transform-A-Snacks. We are still waiting for a delivery of assorted items from Metrodome which will include various postcards but we don't know how many of these there will be.


    One for all our younger attendees... we've got a free competition lined up. Just pick up a colouring sheet with a lineart version of one of our postcards and a FREE pack of colouring pencils from the registration desk and just hand your entry in later in the day to be judged by some of our guests. We've got some great prizes on offer for the winners!

    * * *

    Well, that's it for this update so you've only got TWO DAYS to decide if you want to pre-register but we want to see as many of you there as possible to help us break the European Transformers Convention attendance record for the second year running! It's going to be another great event and we'd love to see you all there. Book online or find out more at to decide if you want to come along on the day and we hope to see you all on Saturday!

    Simon and Sven,
    Auto Assembly: Target 2006

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