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    Hi all!

    As part of our charity fundraising efforts, Auto Assembly: Target 2006 is running something rather different for it's nominated charity this year...

    For those of you who don't know, Auto Assembly: Target 2006 is raising money this year for the Acorns Childrens Hospice Trust in 2006 - a small group of three childrens hospices here in the West Midlands area in the UK. Their invaluable work has sadly been struggling for funds lately and we are proud to be helping them with our fundraising efforts through our charity raffle and auction which has some fantastic items this year. However, we are also doing something else to help the charity with it's three centres...

    We will be having a drop-off point at the convention where all of you attending will be able to donate all of your unwanted toys which we will be passing onto to the Trust at the end of the convention for distribution to the three hospices where the children can make use of these during their stay. What we would love is if any of you have toys that you don't want sitting in cupboards that we could make use of and give a new home to.

    The toys can be anything from any range as long as they are brand new and still sealed. We don't mind if you donate a single toy or a box full - just anything you can spare! The only things we must ask are that 1) the toy is new and sealed; and 2) the toy is a European or US release (to meet toy safety laws) and apart from that, it's up to you!!

    We've already had a number of toys donated from several ranges including RiD and Armada but as we have said, we will accept toys from ANY range so please be as generous as you can. As a way of saying "thankyou", everyone who donates toys will be mentioned on the Auto Assembly website.

    Don't forget, with Auto Assembly: Target 2006 now less than two weeks away, you need to book quickly to guarantee your places if you want to pre-register and get early entry to the convention! The international cut-off date is now CLOSED because of the time it will take to get your confirmation packs in time for the event, although if you live in mainland Europe there may be time if you book within the next couple of days although this is at your own risk.

    While we have officially closed the postal bookings for the UK as well because of the time needed to clear cheques through our bank, we are making daily visits to our bank to pay cheques in so again there is still some time but online bookings are the most convenient for us and the fastest way to pre-register.

    The FINAL cut-off date for UK online bookings is SUNDAY 28th MAY and this will allow us to post your confirmation slips on Tuesday 30th May which will ensure that they should reach you by Thursday 1st June at the latest. We must stress that, if you book after this date then we can not guarantee that your packs will reach you in time for the convention so you are booking AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    There is a chance that we will have on-the-door places, but these will be limited and we will post details on the Auto Assembly website, forum and issue details through all major Transformers websites as to the estimated number of on-the-door places available on Saturday 27th April 2006. However, as we are well ahead of where we were this time last year, you will need to arrive early! If you are likely to be travelling a distance to the convention, pre-register!!

    With TWELVE DAYS to go before the convention, please ensure that you send your bookings to us NOW to avoid disappointment for what is going to be Europe's biggest Transformers convention EVER!

    Simon and Sven,
    Auto Assembly: Target 2006

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