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    Hi Everyone,

    Tried posting this as news to the site yesterday but I think there may be problems with the news system again as it didn't seem to get through...

    Anyway, just to let you know that the third Auto Assembly podcast has just been uploaded to the server yesterday and it's our biggest show yet running in at an astonishing 83 minutes!! Why is it so long? Take a look at what's on the show and you'll see why...

    Once again, the show has all the latest news and developments on Auto Assembly: Target 2006 including exclusive news on our latest additions to the charity auction and new items on display as well as an exciting event taking place at the convention. We've also got a great competition sponsored by Titan Books with FIVE copies of the graphic novel Dinobot Hunt to give away.

    The show itself has plenty of great stuff including the first part of our interview with comic artist Simon Williams, the second part of our look at the history of Auto Assembly, plenty of general Transformer chat including a look at toy repaints, E-Hobby's Twincast, and loads more. On the music front, we have six great tracks (many of which have been taken from albums this time) including tracks from Wally Wingert and top video games musicians Bjorn Lynne (composer for the legendary Worms series) and Andrew Barnabas (Primal, Beast Wars). If that wasn't enough, the show also has a special guest appearance from G1 voice actor Neil Ross (Slag, Springer and many more)!

    You can download the show, and the first two if you haven't already got them, from as an MP3 file. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions about it to us at (you can even send them as MP3 files for us to feature on the next show!) or alternatively you can leave them on the forum at

    Enjoy the show and we're looking forward to seeing many of you next month at Auto Assembly: Target 2006 and thanks to all of your for your support so far with the shows and the convention!

    Simon and Sven
    Auto Assembly: Target 2006

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