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    There's an Auto Assembly DVD being made for this years event, and you can help decide what goes into it, even if your a non-attendee.

    For those who cant attend (and even those who can)...
    submit questions for guest/s of your choice either in this thread or PM me. Any question asked will be credited to the person who asked it.

    For those who are attending...
    Fancy being on the DVD? As this is the 25th anniversary we'll be asking the fans themselves some questions to go on the DVD. Want to be one of those fans? contact Rick or Mary on OPS (preferably while it's quite).

    Guests attending

    Voice Actors

    Gregg Berger
    Ian James Corlett

    Comic artist/inkers

    Jason Cardy
    Kat Nicholson
    Liam Shalloo
    Andrew Wildman
    Simon Williams
    Kris Carter
    Staz Johnson
    Lee Sullivan
    Mike Collins
    Lee Bradley
    Nick Roche
    Lew Stringer
    Jon Davis-Hunt

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