Auto Assembly 2012 Official Poster Released

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    If you’re looking for ways to help us promote this year’s convention then now you can as we’re proud to announce the release of this year’s poster for Auto Assembly 2012! The artwork has been produced for us by our in-house artist Ed Pirrie and you can download it below. Please feel free to print it off and distribute it to any sci-fi stores or comic shops near where you live, post it on any websites or forums that you visit, share it on facebook, Twitter or anywhere else that you think people may be interested!

    We’ll also be releasing this shortly as a double-sided flyer with additional information about the convention on the rear and if you want copies of this to distribute, please get in touch with us at with your name, address, where you’ll be able to get them distributed and – most importantly – how many flyers you want and we’ll get them sent out as soon as we get them printed. We’re hoping to get these distributed to stores all over the UK and sent out by all of our dealers who will be attending the convention this year, as well as handed out at as many events as possible between now and August so if you can help, please let us know.

    Anyway, feel free to download the file below. Just click on the picture below for the full size image.


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