Auto Assembly 2012 Non-Attendee Pack

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    Just a quick update for everyone who has ordered the Auto Assembly 2012 Non-Attendee Pack... as we already told everyone in an email update a few days ago, because of the late delivery to us we weren't able to ship the lithos before the convention as we had originally planned as we only had a couple of days to sort 2,000 of them and get them ready for the convention.

    However, we have now shipped out about 60% of the packs and lithos to everyone who has ordered them. We are just trying to get more poster tubes but most of the main packs have gone out and we're expecting the remainder of everything to have been sent out in the next week or so.

    We're already talking to Calloway Customs about another possible upgrade kit for Auto Assembly 2013 so it looks like we'll be doing another Non-Attendee Pack next year as well.


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