Auto Assembly 2012 Cosplay Competition

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    Since 2009 more and more fans have been attending Auto Assembly in costume and since 2010 we have held a Cosplay Competition as part of the convention and we are continuing this once again for Auto Assembly 2012!

    Last year we had some absolutely stunning entries including TWO G1 Optimus Primes, Drift, Shattered Glass Ravage and our winner, Beast Wars Blackarachnia. The competition will take place as part of our Saturday night programme and it's open to all our weekend attendees and will be judged by some of our guests. There's no limit to what your character can be as long as it is a Transformers or Transformers-related character and it is suitable for a family audience! Want to bring a fully transforming costume along? We'd love to see it!

    You can find our more information about the competition in our video on youtube here:

    Auto Assembly 2012 Cosplay Update 01-07-2012 - YouTube

    There are prizes on offer for the top three costumes chosen by our judges and this year the competition is being sponsored by Big D's Toy Chest who will be providing some great prizes for the winners. The third prize winner will receive a signed Generations Perceptor toy. Second prize will be a signed G1 reissue Prowl and the first prize winner will receive a signed Tick and signed Transformers Animated Sentinel Prime figure!

    Entry forms and rules are available to download from the website now!

    Auto Assembly 2012 is Europe's largest Transformers convention and is taking place over the weekend of 3rd - 5th August 2012 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel. To book your tickets or find out information about booking dealers tables, to sponsor the event or to enquire about advertising with us, visit the website at Auto Assembly

    Hope to see you there!

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