Auto Assembly 2012 Christmas Sale Extended!

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    Auto Assembly's Twelve Days Of Christmas campaign is already well underway with several announcements and videos under our belts but we have barely scratched the surface with what is to come for the rest of December...

    Not only have we released our first two videos including Mark Ryan's special Q&A Panel from Auto Assembly 2011 and the first news about Auto Assembly Europe 2012, but we also announced our Christmas Sale on Adult Weekend tickets for Auto Assembly 2012 which has seen prices slashed by a massive 20% for those of you booking tickets online by midnight on 24th December but there's more to come...

    It's not just attendees who can save money though as we're now pleased to announce a special Christmas offer for Dealers as well! If you want to attend Auto Assembly 2012 as a dealer and you book and pay for your tables by 24th December 2011, then we will give you a FREE full page advert in our new digital fanzine, CT Alpha! Our normal rates for advertising is £25 for a page or £20 per page when 2 pages or more are booked together. To see a copy of the magazine, ivist the website at to download a FREE copy of Issue Zero.

    But what about all of our dealers who have already booked tables? Well, this offer is being extended to them as well so they will be contacted and offered a complimentary advert as well in an upcoming issue of CT Alpha!

    More instalments of Auto Assembly's Twelve Days Of Christmas are on the way soon including more exclusive convention footage, at least FOUR guest announcements and a few more surprises so don't forget to keep checking all the major forums and websites for all the latest news and developments!

    If you've already bought tickets for Auto Assembly 2012, or can't make it next year, why not buy one as a late Christmas present for a friend? if you email us when you book the ticket, we can arrange for the booking confirmation to be sent to someone else, with a special personalised message from you! If you haven't bought your own ticket yet, there's still time to take advantage of our discount offer!

    Auto Assembly 2012 is taking place over the weekend of 3rd - 5th August 2012 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England. To book your tickets or to find out more, visit the website at Auto Assembly

    If you are interested in attending next year as a dealer, or are interested in sponsoring the convention in any way, please email us at

    We hope to see you all in August...

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    Si, you are too good to us :bowdown: 

    Just need to figure out now how to get my ticket and hotel room together at the reduced/convention rate...

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