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    Even though an incredible amount of information has already been announced about Auto Assembly 2010, Europe's largest Transformers convention, we are not resting on our laurels and we are back with another announcement to keep all our attendees up-to-date on all the latest developments with the convention and to hopefully persuade some of you who are still undecided about what con to attend this Summer...

    Episode 5 of our series of news videos is now LIVE on Youtube and you can check it out here:- YouTube - Auto Assembly 2010 News - Episode 005 - Cosplay Comes To Town...

    In this week's show, we have details of the latest news on dealers tables at the convention, ticket sales, our new Costume Competition, and much more besides! If you want to know the full details, you'll just have to watch the video and find out for yourselves!

    Spanning the weekend of Friday 13th - Sunday 15th August 2010 at the The Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham, England, the convention is playing host to a staggering 11 guests including three guests of honour (Garry Chalk, Scott McNeill and Derrick J Wyatt), and will feature toy and art displays, dealers, comic guests, free autograph sessions, a video games area, free workshops run by many of our guests, dedicated childrens programming, video screenings and so much more to be announced! There will also be Friday and Saturday evening programmes, exclusive for weekend attendees and the Saturday evening will play host to a party, a concert by rock band Next Of Kin (including a Transformers themed set with music from the 1986 animated movie!), costume competition, our voice actors will take to the stage to perform a BRAND NEW script written by Simon Furman and we still have a few more surprises in store...!

    Because of the venue size, we are restricting attendance to a MAXIMUM of 550 people at the convention per day which can be made up of a combination of weekend and one-day attendees and once we hit that total we will be closing registrations so if you want to attend Europe's largest Transformers convention, you need to hurry and get your tickets now as we have already had over 325 pre-registrants so tickets are likely to be a complete sell-out!

    Despite our running costs increasing for this year, we have frozen ticket prices from Auto Assembly 2009 and they are £45 for adults and £35 for children, students and senior citizens, with under 5s admitted free. Family tickets (2 adults and 2 children) are available for £145. Single day passes are available at reduced rates but these are VERY limited.

    For more details on the convention, to see a full list of all the guests and activities taking place over the weekend, or to book your tickets, visit the website at Auto Assembly

    We hope to see you all in August 2010.

    The Auto Assembly 2010 Team

    Web: Auto Assembly
    Youtube: YouTube - AutoAssembly's Channel
    Twitter: Simon Plumbe (auto_assembly) on Twitter
    Forum: Auto Assembly - Home
    Tel: +44 (0)7860 948296

    Auto Assembly 2010 is sponsored by Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye, Robots In Disguise - Transformers @ The Moon - and Transformers Animated At whose generosity have made Derrick J Wyatt's appearance at the convention possible.
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    Really looking forward to AA this year. We're still putting together plans on what to do for our display, so we're open to and requests at the moment of stuff people would like to see.

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