Audio reading of the Rung/Fort Max therapy session scene

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    Courtesy of Sprite over on the IDW board, here's a fan's (I think?) audio version of the therapy scene from the beginning of MTMTE 6.

    I hate fandubs as a general rule (too many ear-destroying experiences with anime fandubs), but this is okay compared to most. I think Rung is the best voice out of the three. Overlord is okay, but honestly I don't like the Fort Max voice at all. It makes him sound reeeeaalllly stupid. A deep voice fits him, but not if it makes him sound less intelligent than cartoon season 3 Grimlock.

    And forgive me for going into pronunciation nazi mode: Aequitas should be EYE-qui-tas, like this: aequitas

    MTMTE Issue 6: Rung & Fort Max therapy session. - YouTube

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