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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Attobot2006, Aug 19, 2012.

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    For Sale or Trade:

    Sorry no pics yet, but here's the list:

    MACROSS (robotech) Japanese:

    1/55 BOXED Strike Valkryie $40
    (no strike armor, replaced with Jetfire armor) Heavy shelf wear. 2-part Styrofoam included/intact.

    1/55 BOXED Takatoku TV Max VF-1J $40
    customized (painted white highlights, custom anime-accurate feet)
    comes in an empty Vintage 1/55 Bandai VF-1A (Hikaru DYRL version) BOX/Styro to house it

    1/55 BOXED Joons VF-1J TV Mirya $40
    customized (painted white highlights)
    comes in rare korean packaging (not normal joons packaging) w/beautiful artwork on cover C9-10 condition box

    1/55 BOXED Joons VF-1J Hikaru TV $30 (obo)
    (regular joons box). For some reason one of the hands is a darker color than the other.

    1/72 BOXED Yamato VF-11B (no fastpacks) $30
    repaired hip (used longer screw)

    1/72 BOXED Yamato VF-11B (no fastpacks) $40 (obo)
    hip unbroken, but did replace w/longer screw to prevent breakage


    Matchbox SUPER VERITECH VF-1S, boxed (The giant veritech with opening cockpit which fits 3 1/2" action figures inside. One of the landing gear is loose. Box has some shelf wear. Make an offer


    Supreme Beast Wars Cheetor. FREE


    1/60 Bandai God Gundam TOY (boxed, w/styrofoam) $40
    battery-operated light core. missing one sabre (it's somewhere around here)

    1/60 Built Bandai God Gundam MODEL (boxed). $25
    Also battery-operated light core. Hollow plastic legs, hips, and torso have been filled in solid with high temperature gun glue to give it heft and solid feel. Fully poseable. Comes with interchangeable GOD hands.

    1/60 Built Wing Zero (T.V. series version, not Endless Waltz) $25
    Battery-operated light core.


    My latest wishlist (hope I come accross some of these at Cybcon, and within my spending range):
    Xtransbots Glider (deluxe size not-Powerglide)
    Hegemon (possibly)
    iGear not-Ironhide
    iGear not-Ratchet
    iGear not-Huffer
    iGear not-Gears
    iGear not-Brawn
    FP Insecticons
    G1 Shockwave (loose, w/cannon)
    Maiden Japan Inferno upgrade head box
    Maiden Japan Grapple upgrade head box
    TFC Gear of War (including Inferno's Ladder)
    Renderform Private: RW-008 – Alliance Axe – Orange (for optimus)
    Renderform Private: RW-003 Gray & RW-004 Pearl Gray Bundle pack
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    let know if you are willing to sell this for 20
    1/60 Built Wing Zero (T.V. series version, not Endless Waltz)
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    hahaha i should of just offer money for the whole Jetfire boost kit =D

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