AstroMagnum/Shackwave/Shockwave KO

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    I'm not sure if this is Astro Magnum or Shackwave. Nevertheless, it is the Shockwave KO released back in the '80's. The plastic and metal is as high quality as the original G1's. He's in great condition (even the hose). Complete. Working electronics. I'd like to trade but will consider selling. Check the pics.

    If a trade is possible, this is what I'm looking for:

    TRANSFORMERS - G1 (original or reissue)

    Rumble and Frenzy (original or reissue)
    Hound (original or reissue)
    Blaster (original or reissue)
    Hot Rod (original or reissue)
    Kup (original or reissue)
    Ultra Magnus (original or reissue)
    Combiner teams (original or reissue)
    * For army building or customs, any Seekers besides Starscream (original or reissue)
    * Stickers for G1 Dinobots. Swords for Snarl and Sludge.
    * Stickers for G1 Jetfire

    Tie Interceptor - the most current TRU or the "red stripe."
    X-Wing - Wedge's, Luke's Dagobah or Red Leader's
    Tie Fighter - Big Wings

    If you have any other items you think I might be interested in, let me know. Thanks for looking!

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