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    Shipping NOT Included in Price

    Energon Quickstrike, MISB $40
    Energon Blight, MOSC $15

    Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Cheetor, MOSC $20
    Beast Wars Fox Kids Card Cheetor, MOSC $20

    Universe Micromaster Buckethead, MOSC $10
    Universe Micromaster Swindle, MOSC $10

    Heroes of Cybertron Megatron, MOSC $10
    Heroes of Cybertron Ratchet, MOSC $10

    G1 Reissue Sideswipe, MISB $25
    G1 Reissue Ricochet, MISC $25

    Random Stuff...
    WrestleMania XX Program $20
    Raw/SD Program from 2004 - $5
    Justice Leauge, Justice Lords 3-pack MOSC (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) - $50
    StarTrek Data figure from "All Good Things..." MOSC $20
    Polish Finished Wood 3-watch Valet Case - $50

    I have images of everything
    I DO ship internationally... you pay for shipping and I'll send it.

    Please PM or Email me at

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