assorted late models (rid,universe etc)

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    here are some transformers i'm willing to part with either by selling or by trading. make an offer if you don't like my price.

    landfill (walmart exclusive opened but still has box in decent shape) 30.00

    tf universe:
    micromaster series 3 railbots
    mosc but some have bent plastic
    tankor 6.00
    overload 6.00
    rapid run 6.00
    swindle 6.00
    midnight express 6.00

    jetfire (energon i believe, might be armada)
    opened no box.... 20.00

    sideways (with both minicons) armada ((motorcycle))
    opened but has everything except package 15.00

    transformers spychanger from 2003

    mosc cards are tweaked somewhat on each nothing major...just saying...

    hoist 6.00
    prowl 6.00
    autobot jazz 6.00

    these prices aren't set in stone.....and i am interested in trading as well
    113.00 is what i have it priced at would be willing to let go for 70-90 cash/trade

    if interested pm me

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