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    All prices are pre shipping, include a zip code or country w/ your PMs for a shipping quote.
    Soundwave: Rough, crack in tape deck, loose joints, otherwise intact and unbroken. missing battery cover and all accys: $5
    Grimlock: missing lower half of T-Rex mode jaw, 1 tail section devoid of chrome, otherwise intact and unbroken, no accys: $5
    Targetmaster Scoop: no accys, good shape: $5
    Micromaster base Skyhopper: core only, missing 1 small flipout ramp, includes 1 ramp: $5
    Micromaster Groundshaker doube barrel cannon: $3
    Micromaster Construction Patrol Crumble: $3
    Micromaster Transport Flattop(micromaster only): $3
    Throttlebot Wideload: Missing rear piece/head cover. otherwise great shape: $1
    Turbomaster Rotorstorm: No accys, 1 peg for holding a cannon broken off/missing, 1 tip of landing skid broken off/missing, otherwise good shape. has rotor: $3
    Turbomaster Boss: Complete, but one fin for holding a missile is broken off(is currently still in missile): $10
    Omnibot Camshaft:missing rubber on 1 tire, windshield broken off/missing: $3
    Stunticon Motormaster: head in upside down, some fading: $3

    Energon Arcee: complete: $4
    Legends of Cybertron,Minicons: $1 each
    Macross figure: $3

    Mcdonald's/Burger King transformers: 2 for $1

    Cybertron Thunderblast
    M.A.S.K. vehicles
    Alternators Rumble(Civic) and Ravage(Jaguar)

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