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    As much as I hate to leave negative feedback, I feel that I have to do it in this case. I bought G1 Blurr and G1 Hot Rod from him, and I received both, but the Hot Rod figure turned out to be a reissue, not an original G1. Also, one of the guns was the wrong one. When I told him about it, he apologized, said he didn't realize (I believed him) and offered to make it right. However, every other PM and e-mail I sent him afterwards went unanswered. He had previously given me his phone number, telling me that was the best way to reach him, but every time I called him, there was no answer, and his voicemail was full, so I couldn't leave a message. I have given up on ever getting a refund, but I wanted to give a warning to others that may try to buy from this guy. Beware!

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