Non-TF: Artist wanted for Death's Head fan comic!

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Optimus Frimal, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I was reading through some of my older TF comics and as I was, I was struck with inspiration to write about Death's Head. What I was thinking of was to do a complete reboot of the character, erase all past history and start with a clean slate basically. However, keep him as the same type of character, so he'll still have the same values and speech pattern, yes? :wink:  I'm planning for about a 4 issue mini-series and the tone would be very similar to Marvel's Ultimate line.
    So, I have some scripts written out for it, now all I need is an artist :D  It will be a fan comic, so no money involved :-( But, it would make a great addition to your portfolio :wink: 
    If you can do pencils, inks and colours then that would be great, if you are only able to do one that's also fine :wink: 
    If there are any letterists out there as well, then we'll need you somehwere down the line :wink: 
    So, if you're interested then leave a message saying so and a link to some of your work and then I'll get back to you shortly after :D 

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