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    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread.. c-c sorry guys if I'm posting it in the wrong place.

    I was wondering if there was any nice/detailed movie "art book" or book on the movie it's self? With detailed sketches/models/ect on each of Transformer characters and what not. I've looked around and only found a small 70-ish paged book on it, and was not impressed. I know there has to be something out there.. or at least in the making.
    I also heard about some graphic novel that Target (only) is selling about Bumblebee. And I was wondering if someone could give me some information on that too. Thanks.

    I picked up the prequel and movie adaptation graphic novels (I'm a free-lance illustrator) and was very impressed by the artwork. I highly recommend them both. Although I was wondering if there was any other books (besides "Ghost of Yesterday") or graphic novels based on the film "universe"? I'm using the term "universe" because... 8D that's the only word I think best fits it? Maybe?

    (ps I'm new :V. Was kinda familiar with the original 80s cartoon, but I was a very little kid back then. I think I just missed that generation. I do remember watching Beast Wars/Machines a lot though.

    Thanks again :D .

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