Army of Metal (Movierverse)

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    I am not certain if I want to post this up here or simply provide a link so you can read it with the proper formatting... If I did post it here I'd wind up taking a few minutes to ensure the formatting stays the same and, well I'm a lazy son of a gun at times and that just seems like too much of a hassle.

    Not to mention when I post something up here I rarely get any encouragement to continue it and wind up wondering why so many views and so few reviews.

    So it's decided, for now I'll supply the link direct to the story posted over on and I'll let you decide whether or not to review the story.

    Army of Metal is a Decepticon Oriented Tale depicting events after the movie and is part of a triumvirate of Fanfics. I joined forces with fellow Fanfic writers to depict the events of their stories from the Decepticons point of view. My story takes place from 2007 and will lead up to stories set during 2024 and various years between the two created by two authors in my Favorites list over on I liked their stories so much I was inspired to begin a story with no ties to anything I've done before, there's no convoluted plots... Or at least none that require you to read 50 or more stories to get the whole picture.

    The current Cast for Army of Metal can be found at the bottom of my Profile over at For those of you interested in seeing the Toy only characters get some of the spotlight then look no further... Even characters from the Game make appearances.

    To which I'd like to make a request for anyone who currently owns the X-Box 360 version, I would like a high-def screen shot of Shockwave in all of his modes for a reference so I can get more physical discriptions in concerning the character.

    Please give this story a chance and if you like it I strongly suggest you check out the other fics tied to it however in brief. You really don't have to know too much about their plots at this point in the story, but as we reach the year 2024 and the events from Iron and Grace you might like to brush up on the campagin as depicted there from the Autobots point of view.
    If you're like me and enjoy reading stories set predominantly from the Decepticons point of view then please give this story a chance, and if you could give me a shot review wise.

    Well I believe that's everything needed, if you do have any questions direct them to me here or via PMs and I'll try to answer them. And if you can help me out with images of Shockwave then please PM them ASAP. Thanks.

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