Armoured Core V

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    So the latest installment of one of the longest running mecha game titles lunched in the west.

    And its kinda hit and miss..


    . controls are ace and quite intuitive given how much you have to deal with. At first I was not crazy on how you swap guns since I quite often swapped the wrong arm when I was really just trying to swap one arm and keep firing with the other but I've come to love it as it frees up the controls and its quite simple.

    . Multiplayer focus is nice. Co-op, Death match, team battles and clan support. Cant ask for more then that.

    . the designs as ever look great. You really cant go wrong with AC stuff but on the flip side you wont find much new outside of the more rough and ready look.

    . New take of boosting is a nice change. In AC4 most games ended in a game of spinning around flying up and down with missile spam all over the map. You just cant do that now and it means the focus is more on teamwork and strategy


    . I hate the menu with a passion. And their is no simply retry for missions if you fail unless you hit a midway save on a story mission so thats 8 missions you can retry out of 110ish (I know their are 9 story missions but the last has no midpoint save) If you want to retry you have to dig around the menu each time.

    . graphically its sub par worse then some early current gen titles. the textures are simple/blurry with a high level of bloom effects, motion blur and lighting tricks to cover it up. And it would have worked apart from a few cut scenes showing off just how bad they are.

    . Maps are meh but if you have played any AC game you know what you will be getting into. Needless to say they are bland.

    . The story... I hear the game has one but for the life of me I cant figure any of it out. It's like they recorded some actors and just stitched the recordings together. Really I've finished the single player and I have no clue WTF was going on outside of killing everyone I could lock onto.

    Ok its not that bad but the story is near none existent. You start the game as a newbie mercenary and kill the leader of some rebellion.... then it jumps to the next year and now you are the ace of that rebellion... I have no clue how that happened its never touched on ever.

    You then fight it out killing the local police and evil corporate forces (FYI you never find out the company name they are just known as the corporation and are evil just cuz). Also the police hate the corporation but you will never see them fight each other only you.

    So it might seem like I hate this game but the core game play is great and makes up for the pointless story.

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