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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Discussion' started by Latias Prime, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Armada HotShot is an Everyday Superhero - YouTube

    I'M BACK!

    Latias Prime here with my latest AMV! Yes, it's another Armada based video, this time focusing on my favorite Autobot, Hot Shot.

    I did something a something different with the credits instead of using my artwork. The art in the video was found on Deviantart, but I forgot to name the artists in the credits, and I can't seem to find the pictures again, so they're going uncredited for now.

    Also, new opening! No, I am not a Brony (or Pegasister or whatever you call a female fan of MLP: FiM), but I've watched enough to know who the characters are and the basic story behind the show. This clip of Twilight Sparkle was too good to not parody, even though it's been done about a million times before. And yes, Fanzone, I know I'm twisted, but fruitcake? That's going a little far...

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