Scratch Builds: Ark Playset with Teletraan 1

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by mandingo_rex, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Iron Maniac, again, really digging your figures. I had posted on Valkfan's Ironhide/Ratchet post about swapping out all of "Ironhide's" blue with a Nemesis Prime swap. Basically, take the black bits from Nemesis Prime and paint a few teal pieces black, silver or red, and then put all the blue bits onto the Nemesis Prime and making a blue/black Trailbreaker out of it. Just a thought. All I need to do is find an out-of-box Nemesis Prime for less than $50 so I don't feel so bad about painting the teal pieces. Wal-Mart is having a ton of Alternators back in stock (I just picked up a spare Skids, Rollbar and Ricochet). Skids may become Soundwave (once Valkfan is done) and Rollbar will lose his head to Trailbreaker and become Inferno, and Ricochet? I am going to attempt a Bumblebee.

    Dont know if this has been posted before but i thought it was really cool.

    Its printable jpgs that you assemble together. Scaled for use with Alts/MPs too.
    Must try this later on tonight

    Original thread (Thanks Velcro)
    Teletraan-I / Ark / Nemesis Display Panels! - TFormers Community

    Download link
    Index of /projects/ark

    Hey guys,

    There's a new high-res folder for downloading. I had to update a few things, they weren't folding right.


    Thanks for all the interest, it's exactly what it was intended for. Display cases, photos, or just to have a freaking ARK and TELETRAAN after 25 years of... well, not having one.

    I just checked my web stats and saw it was linked from all over, wanted to make sure everyone had the proper files. The center console on the older version didn't line up, and was about 15% too big. The new one has been color corrected, and everything's been printed out and tested so that it's guaranteed to work.


    Also, I may start a Nemesis soon, but you can always adjust colors in photoshop to change the orange to purple. ;) 

    Hey guys, I've added some more fun-ness to the Ark/Teletraan files.

    It's scaled to match up with the body lines of the high-res zip file. So the backside isn't naked.

    Alas, a Nemesis interior is in the works:



    Additional post for further resourcing. ~Superquad7

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