are you making a forest battle prime???

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    So! I have a little dilema.. I'm repainting my rotf prime as you may have seen in the customs thread.. Well I bought some of renzy_rumbles flame stencils, so I was stripping the paint from the chest parts , was gonna repaint 'em correctly and what not. So I soaked the parts in some 90% rubbing alcohol.well, when I went to clean the paint off, the little hinge for the bot mode flap that's supposed to be the door panel broke!! So I have a propositon for those who might be interested in making a forest battle prime. A trade of sorts, as I'd much rather not have to buy another prime for my project, I'd like to trade my primes chest pieces for someone elses who hasn't yet altered their parts. I can probably get pictures for those interested. I was going to use these parts as test pars, so the left window is now taped off and primed. I was going to just buy another prime and use these as test parts as I stated, but if some one is interested in making a forest prime, then these parts are on their way into that custom already. If I don't get a hit on this by the end of the night, I'm going to go through with my test parts idea, so hurry hurry hurry!! Thanks guys n girls!

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