are there any mods for explorer and munitioner?

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    are there any mods to improve on explorer/blast off and munitioner/swindle

    the add on parts


    onslaught ,vortex and brawl figure wise?

    so far for brawl i have managed to improve him by giving him the yellow colored cannon tip from cybertron defense scattershots fold out laser cannon weapon with its tip being moutned into place on brawls energon starport to give him a kind of g1 warpath look for the whole chest moutned tank cannon bit

    i have also removed the steel pins from brawls feet so that they could be swapped around with the flat panel parts of the feet facing backwards behind the legs in robot mode so that brawl has a set of armored skies to work with and a set of gun ports in the front of his feet in bot mode while also addin a slight improvement to the way the figure transforms as well

    with vortex i have modded the main rotary assembly so that it and the entire centrzl portion of his back is instead mounted into place on the helicoptor cockpit and the back instead serves as the front of vortex's robot mode with both arms having been swapped around at the shoulderand the loewer arm motned winglets being repositioned to the underside of the lower arms in robot mode like what this guy did

    Browsing deviantART

    right now though i have modded my onslaught so that he has rid omega primes chest moutned wingplate set up on the front of onsalughts vehicle mode asa heavy duty reinforced kind of ramming shield/front bumper

    with it acting as a wing pack on the backpack i nrobot mode and in combiner core body mode also serving as bruticus's chest moutned breast plate armor

    i am considering also doing these mods to my onslaught when it comes to the g1 onslaugt head for the robot mode and the extra weaponry being able to mount on the missle cannons backpack

    Transformer customs by hinomars19 on deviantART
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    I think I understand what you just said, but I can't be sure because it's hard to read. Seriously, periods make a WORLD of difference!
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    Pictures too. Also, Radicons.

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