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    I purchased the Kranix and Quintesson Prosecuter, custom, from arcane art and I think he did a great job with them. The Prosecuter and Kranix were needed to go with my Quintesson judge (from tf source) and arcane is planning on doing even more, figures, and then I will have a nice set up, of Quintessa, for an Animated movie scene with Kup and Hotrod.

    Both Scupts are very well done and are, nicely, painted. The bonus to the Prosecuter is the, external, light up feature for his floating beam. Arcane art has built a base that houses the batteries and light. It has a very bright LED and uses 2 Double AA batteries (instead of those button cell batteries) and has a switch, on the back. Future figures will have the same feature.

    Are these customs 100% perfect? No. What custom is? Is it, pretty, close to perfect? I say, Yes. And there is only a limited amount so once they are gone, they're gone. I'm glad I had the opportunity to get these and then I, also, will get first crack at the next figures.

    Here's links to the two, topics, about the figures

    Arcane art was great to deal with. If you wanted one and were unsure about them, I hope this helps encourage you, to purchase them.

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