Apple II(c)

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    Anybody remember this computer?


    It was the first one I ever had and the first family computer. We had the "c" model, without color (well, one color, green), but I never missed it; it was also the same computer we used at school. I was just thinking about all the games I used to play: Autobahn, Snack Attack, Loderunner, Cross Country USA, Moon Patrol, Asteroids, Choplifter, Autoduel, Captain Goodnight (loved this game but couldn't get past the submarine after losing the decoder wheel), watching my sister and her friend play King's Quest III. This system made me love Broderbund software.

    But as I feel nostalgic, there's a game I used to love but can't remember the name. It was a popular game at school, so much so, it was the most popular and as such, working copies became scarce after a while because damned kids can't keep shit in good condition. It had a penguin going through a castle as a type of platformer, and I keep coming up with the name "Quiz Castle" but can't get any results on Google, so I don't know if my memory is faulty or not. Anybody else remember this game??

    EDIT: Yup, pretty sure it's Quiz Castle, part of the "Professor Penguin Adventure Series", though I can't get anymore than that.

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