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    This is a new fan fiction that I had in mind for a while.
    Consisting of three different stories of three different groups of Transformers (In the same universe, yet not associated with each other. [Take the comic series "War of the Green Lanterns" as an example.])
    This story will take a slightly comic book-like approach, often the stories will not be told at a particular order.
    Hope you like it.
    APEX Backstory:
    The Apex team, consisting of Ultra Magnus, Hot Shot, Evac and Tracks, are the elite Autobot recon/commando team. It is said by many that anyone who is target for Team Apex is never to be seen again.
    They hunt in the shadows, but when things get loud, they find the quickest, least painful solution.

    Let's start with the first chapter of the first story.

    APEX #1

    The Apex team were in one of their most crucial missions: Assassinating a Decepticon arms dealer, Sideways.

    "Target is on sight. Awaiting command, Magnus." Hot Shot whispered, following Sideways with his sniper rifle.

    "Make this clean and silent, Hot Shot. We don't want any trouble." Magnus replied, signaling Tracks and Evac to target all witnesses.

    Hot Shot pulled his trigger, piercing a hole in Sideways' chest. The two others eliminated all other Decepticons present in the room.

    "Good job, Hot Shot. Now let's get back to base before anyone realizes what happened.

    In their base, the four Autobots would usually discuss missions or gear up. This time, they were just there to relax. Magnus was looking at profiles for potential targers, Hot Shot was in the training room, and Evac and Tracks were simply sitting under the stars, admiring the wonders of the galaxy.

    "So uh..." Evac awkwardly tried to generate a dialogue, "You think there's anything interesting out there?" He asked.

    "Well, that's what Optimus and the crew went to find out. They didn't seem to come up with anything." Tracks chuckled.

    "Wait, those guys are still missing?" Evac shrugged, "You'd imagine by now we'd get a second shuttle just to search for 'em."

    Suddenly, Magnus burst out of his office, holding his signature assault rifle in one hand, and a device that orders extraction on the other. "Come on, fellas, we've got an SOS." He said, helping the two up.

    "What's the matter? Another bogey?" Hot Shot exited the training room with a slight trail of exitement on his face.

    "Bigger, we've got a rumor of a Decepticon infiltrator working closely with our primary, Motormaster." Magnus explained. "We find this so called infiltrator, we get him to talk, and we get a straight line to our primary. Roger?"

    "Roger." Said the rest in unison.

    EXODUS Backstory:
    Banished from Cybertron decades prior, Autobots Cliffjumper, Leadfoot and Warpath live a journey across the stars. On a small cruiser they make their way through many planets, exploring what life might be there. Looking for a fight. See, that's exactly why they were banished. Over-confident soldiers are not welcome on Cybertron, and these three are the toughest.

    EXODUS #1

    Cliffjumper had just come back from a meeting with a superior on Cybertron. As much as he hated to admit it, and as much as the others hated the whole idea of it, Cliffjumper wanted to return. The idea of being exiled was not right for him. Without a single word, he went straight to the cockpit, and took off.
    It didn't take much for Leadfoot and Warpath to realize, the meeting did not go as Cliffjumper had planned.

    "Don't worry, Cliff." Warpath took a seat next to him, and tried to comfort him. "I'm sure if we get more discoveries, the ambassadors will beg you to return."

    "You don't get it, do you?" Cliffjumper gazed at Warpath, "They don't want us because we can't do any good."

    Upon hearing that, Leadfoot barged into the conversation. "What're you talking about? We're only banished because of an accident we didn't even cause. We tried to fix those Energon containers!"

    Cliffjumper placed his hand on his head, as if in pain. "And where has that brought us? It still blew up, didn't it?"

    Warpath quicky got up and left the cockpit.

    "They banished us for a reason." Cliffjumper calmly said to Leadfoot.

    "Then why are you trying so hard to go back?" Leadfoot got up and left as well.

    Cliffjumper sat quietly for several moments and thought. He thought about his true motives. Was he trying to return to Cybertron only to clear himself of the guilt? After several more moments, Cliffjumper got up and came up to Warpath.

    "I'm sorry. I was a big jerk over there." He apologized. "I should have been more understanding. You were right, you know?" He smiled, "You and Leadfoot were right. There's a reason why we're out here. It's because that's what we're best at."

    Warpath nodded, followed by a salute. Cliffjumper saluted back.

    "Well, I see things are all better here with you kids." Leadfoot returned.

    "Yes. I realized what I didn't before." Cliffjumper saluted at Leadfoot, and Leadfoot returned a salute.

    "Systems shutting down. Autopilot disabled." The ship's guidance system warned.

    "What's the matter with the ship?" Warpath asked. Leadfoot, in return, shrugged. The two looked at Cliffjumper, who seemed slightly more nervous, given the circumstances.

    "Oh man, this is bad." Warpath and Leadfoot heared Cliffjumper's voice from the cockipt, and rushed in.

    "What's wrong? Do you need help?" Warpath asked. "Oh boy." He mumbled as he looked out the window at the quickly approaching ground.

    "Brace for impact!" The three shouted and prepared for a crash-landing.

    That's the two for today. Conquer #1 and Apex #2 tomorrow.
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    dude, ever ambitious. That's how many fics you're involved with ?
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    4, maybe 5 :p 

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