Customs: Anyone think they can give me just a LITTLE smidge of apoxie sculpt for free?

Discussion in 'Requests' started by petes2177, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Aug 18, 2009
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    The reason I need a little apoxie sculpt is because I just tore off my Leader Prime's cab thingys (the blue part BEHIND the smokestacks with the flames) without knowing it. I'm talking about the bottom part of it that hinges up.

    Well the story goes; I was watching TV and I randomly decided to transform him and I was looking at the TV right as I started hinging the piece up and I took off most of the piece off the hinge (The hinge is still there, but most of the piece was torn off)

    I'm asking anyone if they can just give me a tiny TINY amount of apoxie sculpt (enough to seal back a crack 2-3 cm. long)

    I really don't wanna go buy a tub of apoxie sculpt that i'll never use again. I would REALLLLYYYYY appreciate it if someone gave me some.

    Don't have a camera so I can't show pics ( I know it seems like I'm lying just so I can rip someone off, but I'm not)

    Heres a pic I edited to show how big the crack is. (and the line with the weird circular object is supposed to be an arrow)
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    there are other thinkgs you can use aside from apoxie sculpt, although theyre not as ideal.
    at your local lowes or home depot they sell epoxies for sealing pvc pipe. you wont have the work time you would with apoxie sculpt, but it should serve your purpose. you probably have 20 minutes to get it to where you need it before its really hard.

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