Anyone got a visor for Universe 2.0 Hotshot or a right arm for TFCC Dion's minicon?

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by netkid, May 9, 2011.

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    My poor luck with this mold,

    First off,

    I have a MISB Universe 2.0 Hotshot that I would eventually like to open, only problem is his visor has a very noticeable stress mark right in the middle of it.

    I was wondering if anyone has a spare/junker/to be customized Universe 2.0 Hotshot they would like to sell or trade visors with(if you are going to paint over yours for a custom-since then you wouldn't notice the stress mark).


    My TFCC Dion's little Mini-Con buddy arrived missing his entire right arm. Everything else seems fine with the two figures. I already contacted TFCC/Fun Pub on the matter and I haven't heard back from them yet (don't worry, I fully understand that they must be swamped with Botcon preparations), so this isn't a pressing matter and will patiently wait until I hear first from their end. Any replies from members here on this matter will be taken into consideration but not acted upon until after I hear what TFCC/Fun Pub has to say on what can do to help me out.

    PLEASE, post replies here in this thread as my PM box is pretty full and needs to be looked through and cleaned out.

    I can get pretty busy with my job (why I haven't cleaned out my PM box yet), and depending on how the upcoming events go in the next 2 weeks, I may not be around much to reply in this thread for the coming weeks/month. So please be aware of that and I will do my best, given my situation, to get back to your replies in a timely manner.

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