anyone going to BotCon/TFCon(Toronto) who could receive some toys for me?

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    It's my obligatory regular post.
    As usual, I'm looking for people to help me out. If you're definitely going to TransformersCon (the Canadian convention) or BotCon this year, and you can afford to store some stuff in your house (that I pay for) and carry it with you to the convention, so I can pick it up in person, let me know.
    I'm looking for a few things, so if you can't help me with one, maybe you can help me with another. Let me know what you can and can't help me with.

    I'm looking for USA store exclusives (mostly Target) at cost. Top of my list is the old wave 1 movie repaint of Energon basic Arcee in blue, the new Elita-One, Starscream remold in G1 colors, and some of the other Energon basic movie repaints.
    Let me know if you go toy hunting regularly, or if you don't have time. (some people are really busy) Also let me know if you don't have PayPal or need to be paid in advance. A combination of the two would be difficult.

    I'm also looking for someone with references as a seller, so that I could trust to send them orders that are more valuable. Not necessarily large in weight/volume, as that's a second optional issue. (let me know what you can transport to the convention without hassle/cost) I'm really desperate to get a couple exclusive items right now that aren't cheap, before they're no longer available, but the cost of sending them to Canada would just kill the value for me.

    Adding on to people with references is someone who could possible bid for me on eBay, since there are some items that I just haven't seen available to buyers outside of the USA. (like Sam's Club Optimus Prime. It's really pissing me off.)
    This is difficult, because unless you're online a few times a day, it would be hard to communicate for that sort of thing. I don't know of any automatic sniper-bidding software/scripts that don't actually require you to give your login info to some website, but there really should be.
    I'm trying to find a way to get a US bank account and PayPal account, but I would still need a US shipping address to go with that. I also probably won't be able to get a US bank account until I get my driver's license and can go down to the USA in person. although I heard rumors about my TD / Canada Trust bank possibly being able to get me a US account, not just US currency.

    I'd also like to find someone I could have my club magazine sent to. Ideally, someone with enough references (as above) so that I could buy club store exclusives as well, but if it's like last year, I can just get those at BotCon.

    Let me know if you go to TransformersCon/BotCon regularly, and if you would be willing to do this for more than just until the convention, like the convention after that.

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