Customs: Anyone figure out Voyager Brainstorm's neck port yet?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Malunis_T, Sep 20, 2017.

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    So I have no idea how to be brief with this title. I've been looking around for a bit, but sadly it's hard to narrow down results since there's multiple Brainstorm toys.

    Basically, with Titans Return using a different kind of port for the heads, has anyone actually figured out what to do with the Generations version of Brainstorm?

    Back when Titans Return started, I tried making use of a little slab of plastic in the neck port to see if that would bulk it out enough to fit a Titan Master, but it proved futile. And while I've seen a fair amount of parts on Shapeways that make pre-existing toys compatible with Titans Return, I've yet to come across any custom parts that specifically make Voyager Brainstorm use Titan Masters.

    A last resort would just be buying one of those custom neck ports on Shapeways (basically just a slab you glue to the figure), but I'm just curious if anyone has even figured out a proper solution for that toy.
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