Anyone ever pose G1 Bruticus and other G1 Combiners mistransformed?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Alucard77, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I just got my G1 Bruticus today from a fellow member. Love these old school G1 figures.

    The thing I noticed is that I prefer to have them mistransformed. For instance, for Bruticus, I have Swindle backard so the jeep faces the outside instead of his back. Also, I am playing around with the idea of not extending his hips out all the way. He looks skinnier like that, but not as bowlegged.

    I also found a couple of mistransformations for Predakings arm that allows for more articulation. I actually saw that first used in someones review of the CrazyDevy parts for Predaking. However, I really haven't seen many pics of a mistransformed Bruticus.

    So I am just wondering, do you guys do mistransformations on your G1 combiners?
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    well, since most "official" artowrk and packaging has them mistransformed anyway, i consider myself transforming them correctly as opposed to the in-correct, official way.

    E.g. Defensor: Firstaid as an arm always shows him complete as a van, with the front flipped out. this way he is gimpy compared to Blades.if you fold out his feet, there are 2 fist holed there for a reason. this makes him no longer gimpy, and the same lenght as blades.
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    Yeah. I started my collection with a Ruination KO so I kept myself busy by doing alternate transformations. I almost always put Brawl in a cartoon accurate backwards position.

    I remember someone started a thread last year specifically about Bruticus and giving him a smaller waist and larger legs.

    I usually tried to keep guys cartoon accurate instead of instructions accurate.

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