Anyone else using a ps2->ps3 convertor get nerfed in the 2.70 update?

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Sokar, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Last week I updated my ps3 with the 2.70 update, but when I went to play tekken:dr, things started getting freaky. I've got the tekken anniversary stick, and I thought I would try using that again, so I pulled out my handy TAC ps2-ps3 convertor and plugged it into my ps3. This caused my system to completely lock. You could not get the sytem to do anything and so I had to flip the power switch in the back. I figured it might be a glitch, so I tried booting up the system again with the convertor plugged in and the system would not even boot. Now it doesn't matter when I plug it in, it locks the system completely.

    The convertor tha I'm using is designed for rockband, guitar hero, and ps2 controller use but it seems from what I've read the only thing that works with it anymore is the rockband controllers (which does not work with arcade sticks properly since the mapping becomes all messed up).

    Since the update I've read that people with sumomoto convertors have also experienced this 'glitch', and I have noticed my ps3 giving me more issues since the update overall. It's locked twice on it's own while I was browsing the internet and I've had it keep giving me issues with blu-ray playback, saying that it's an incompatible audio stream when I play the bonus features.

    I've also heard that it's possible that this has caused damage to some systems that had one of these convertors plugged in when the update was applied. I can't remember if my convertor was plugged in at the time, though I doubt it.

    I have a secondary convertor for the pc that handles ps2 controllers that seems to work for the ps3 but it's extremely laggy. You almost have to hold down the buttons for them to register, so that's a no go. That's actually why I bought the TAC convertor in the first place since my rockband and guitar hero stuff is all on the xbox 360
    I've also heard that sony customer support is basically telling people that they're SOL because it's a third party device that they don't support. I realize that leagally they have no obligation to support these devices, but if they intentionally put that into the update (which I wouldn't put past them necessarily), then it's pretty freaking cold of the company to do that unless they plan on producing their own convertor. Backwards compatibility has been a strong selling point for the ps3 from what I've heard, so to just start nerfing adapters when it seems that nay legal issues regarding the ps2 controller design have been cleared up (ie the rumble feature issues) seems to be a poor strategy.

    The only working convertor that I've heard of so far is the pelican one, and good luck finding one of those now since last I heard they had been discontinued.
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    Nothing yet, but since I moved all of my saves to my PS3, I really haven't used it.

    Doh, I thought you were talking about the Memory Card converter. My bad.

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