anyone else try this yet? gurren laggan dbz mix

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    damn if that aint the most awesome thing i have ever seen and heard over time asa long time dbz fan

    what i did is this
    DBZ SSJ3 Goku Transformation 720P - YouTube

    goku goes super saiyan 3 for the very first time

    Libera Me From Hell - YouTube

    libera me from hell form the gurren lagann soundtrack

    if you time it so that libera me from hell starts playing right at the 00:47 seconds mark into the super saiyan 3 goku video the song keeps pace perctly with the entire scenas goku pushes himself beyond the normally possible limitations of his mind body and spirit to make the impossible possible through sheer force of will and power and guts alone in what can perhaps only be described as the ultimate display of epic saiyan manliness.

    maybe its just me but something about watchiung goku go beyond the impossible as he ascends to super saiyan 3 with libera me from hell playing as the background music just makes the whole scene that much more epic in its way

    all i know is this is the very fiurst time in my life i actually had to change my pants just from watching this scene with that music.

    god damn i think im gonna need me a long cold hard drink after this one
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    You gotta stop it with the Gurren Lagann and DBZ stuff. Either post this stuff in their respective show threads or in the anime one.

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