Anyone else order the Outer Space Men?

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by GrenadierStinny, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I thought these were pretty cool!


    There are sort of a re-launch of a very weird and rare toy from the 1960's called The Outer Space Men.

    The original was produced by Colorforms (yes-- those Colorforms) and were supposed to compete with Mattel's Major Matt Mason.

    There are produced by the Four Horsemen of Mattel's new Masters of the Universe line as well as the DC comics figures. (Although Mattel is not involved.)

    I was excited about these when I'd seen them online earlier in the year. I finally saw them in person at Comic-Con and was kind of surprised to see that these will be in a 3 3/4" format! (The originals were about 6".)

    I took a bit of wind out of my sails to see that these were going to be so small-- but they still looked pretty cool!

    Well, they finally went on sale at the Four Horsemen's website a few days ago, and I couldn't resist! The think the cinched it for me was the price. 40 bucks (+ shipping) for the set of four! Plus the blister card comes on and of without damaging either! (AKA "collector friendly packaging")

    They're supposed to ship mid-October and I'm pretty excited to get my hands on them!

    Anyone else order them?
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    i will definitely be getting em whenn i get the money, awesome looking designs

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