Anyone else have this happen?

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Tyjos, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Well I was so damned pleased to have gotten a Seacons set for $75 with a MP Skywarp. I noticed something was odd that I hadn't gotten a tracking number from this new seller who says they were under the weather but damn I'm freakin' pissed. The Set was sent to someone in a whole different state!

    I've already had this happen like this once this month bought a Kotobukiya Slave Leia statue and I ended up getting a Indiana Jones Sideshow statue which pissed me off [seller apologized for that mishap] but damn it when things like the SeaCon set that I was looking forward to getting end up being delivered to the wrong state that pisses me off...

    It's like this month is going straight to hell! First TV Goes out, then I have to get a new one, not a great one but at least it works, then I break my thing after another but that's a whole other thread basically

    Any one else dealing with sellers who foul up big time sending you the wrong item?

    [This is not a let's bash ebay thread but I just wanna know how many of you other folks put up with this on a regular basis]

    I'm damned close to leaving this ebay noob negative feedback I asked for my $87 or so back.........[headdesk]

    -Seller just came back saying they gave me the wrong tracking number...THIS TOO PISSES ME OFF and I'm sure many of you have had that happen/
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    I'd take your own advise, and stay off ebay. :lol 
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    Due paychecks count. Fedex shipped are Paychecks to South Carolina, I work in Pennsylvania. Fedex sucks.

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