Anyone a fan of TMNT Volume 3, by Image? It's getting a conclusion!

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    Volume 3 was canceled before they had a chance to wrap up their storylines. In case there are any fans who don't really surf TMNT forums, some fans are putting together 2 more issues to finish it up! Not regular issues either - they're double-sized.

    Now, when I say fans, don't take this as fan fiction. The people writing this have been in contact with the original Image creative team (mainly Gary Carlson, the writer for all of the Image series), and even have well known TMNT artists contributing art to this as well (like AC Farley, Frank Fosco (original Image TMNT artist), Jim Lawson, etc - although they're not the primary arists). They're using notes from Gary, combined with newer plot threads from Tales Volume 2, to wrap up Volume 3.

    So, if you're interested, there's a huge ass thread over at The last couple of pages will give you some more info about who to email to buy a copy ($9.50, shipping included), as well as some recommend "reading material" to refresh your memory about what all you'll see happening.

    And for those thinking this is one of those "will never happen" things - Issue 24 is already printed and being shipped to the states. They're working Issue 25. It's not another tease like The Forever War.

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