Anybody want Botcon Spark, Clench, or Sky-Byte?

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Swoop Dogg, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Swoop Dogg

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    I originally posted this in the Convention forum but I thought that I would post it here as well. It seems this forum gets more traffic. I saw somebody recently agree to pay $125 for Clench when, if he saw my post in the Convention forum, could have got him for $71.

    I can't go to Botcon this year and I really want the Botcon Breakdown figure but I don't want the other figures. So I am thinking about buying an Iacon package and selling off the rest of the stuff. Would anybody want to go in with me and get some of the figures? Here's what I was thinking:

    The Iacon package for a member of the Transformers Club costs $315 (which includes the $10 online registration fee). In order to become a member of the Transformers Club, it will cost me $40. So the combined total comes to $355.

    For sale would be:
    $71 + shipping for Spark - SOLD TO JazzEd
    $71 + shipping for Clench - STILL AVAILABLE
    $71 + shipping for Breakdown - SOLD TO ME (Swoopdawg)
    $71 + shipping for Streetstar - SOLD TO BScorpinok75 (confirming this)
    $71 + shipping for Sky-Byte - STILL AVAILABLE

    All of this would equal the $355 total combined price.

    Shipping (USA only - sorry to those not in the U.S.) would be whatever it actually costs to ship - no more, no less.

    You can pay me via Paypal when the figures arrive to me after Botcon is over. I'll ship the figures to you as soons as I get your payment.

    I'd also be willing to sell the rest of the Iacon package stuff (box, pin, program/comic) for $25. STILL AVAILABLE

    What about the Transformers Club membership benefits (magazines, figure)? I would get these for doing all the work and putting the money up front. I think that is fair - if you don't like it, then don't join in with us.

    Nothing is set in stone, but I just wanted to guage interest. Let me know. If I can't sell all of the figures I'm probably not going to do this. Maybe we can work something out so that we all win and get these figures for a decent price. Of course, this assumes I will be able to get a Iacon package before the set sells out.

    I did this back in 2007 (because I wanted Thundercracker) and it worked out well for all involved.

    Let me know!

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    5. You can only sell items in your possesion.
    You may only sell items for things in YOUR possesion. Offering a pre-sale for an item before you have it is not allowed. If your friend wants to sell here, he can sign up. Registration is FREE. Selling for banned members is extremely prohibited! You will automatically be banned for doing so.
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