Any Radicons own NECA toys?

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by Chupicron, Sep 3, 2012.

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    I've been trying to jump into customizing, which has worked out somewhat well. I've got a non-transformable custom of one of my OCs in Prime style now, and a Prime Tarantulus who just needs his arms finished. My first job trying to make Knockout show-accurate was a mix of success and disaster but taught a whole lot about how to handle the painting. Then Tarantulus and some early OC work did some wonders for shaving/carving. But I'm looking back at my Predator NECA toys and thinking "man, I'd love to work on some of these."

    Trouble is... They use two or three different types of plastic. One or two of which are very soft varieties. And I have no idea how to identify what types of plastic they are. So I have no idea what kind of paints are safe and unsafe to use, or if I should even approach superglue for some of the armor customization I'm thinking of.

    Anybody own some NECA figures and know what I should be gunning for paints-wise? At the moment I've got some Testors enamel, lots of Testors acrylic, and a smallll selection of Krylong Fusion for Plastic. (Hunter green, dark blue, purple.) I'm also contemplating lobbing off my predalien's face for part of the custom job's chestplates since that figure can't pose or stand for shit so she usually just sits in a chest. As a homage to how Dachande/Broken Tusk and Top Knot had drone faces embedded in the chests of their armor when they led blooding hunts in the original 1989 - 1990 Aliens vs Predator comics.

    Originally I was gonna throw this up in the Radicons board but since it's not about Transformers... Figured this was the better place for it. Sorry if I'm wrong about that.
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