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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by REDLINE, Aug 10, 2005.


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    I came up with a great new Alternators character.. wrote up a creation story, techspecs, the WHOLE 9 yards.. even had a guy(Lazerbeak) create a digibash of him. I have all of it on my website(which can be reached by clicking my sig)! I am posting this because I was wondering if there was anyone here who could actually make one of him? And if so, besides the costs of the materials, how much would you want for the services?

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    I'm not expecting anyone to do it for free *L*... but I have no experience or skill in doing this sort of thing myself! As I stated above, I'll supply the parts necessary, as well as compensate for all the work involved! Its not precisely HotRod either, not just a new character, but he's altered slightly... for example, the head has horns on it.

    I realize how much hard work goes into a lot of these kitbashes... Especially if you want it done RIGHT. As long as I can hold it in my hands outside of a dream *L*. I have no idea how much to pay either honestly... It'll hafta be a pretty decent amount I would imagine... sure it'll be fun and a challenge, but its work too! I guess it would come down to how HARD it ended up being as well as how many hours you put into it.



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