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    I have amassed way too many figs so I want to off some of them. I am open to trades as well. Good old cash works wonders too.
    Here is a list.
    G1 Sureshot complete w/ Targetmaster Spoilsport and orange spoiler. Fig is in good condition w/ minor sticker wear. 30.00
    G1 Nightbeat missing cockpit seat and 1 small gun. Fig is in good condition minor sticker wear. 30.00
    G1 Soundwave figure only. Two launchers and three missles comes with battery cover. 20.00
    G1 Shockwave. Figure is complete with broken battery cover the rear tab is coming off but it's still attached. Electronics work but there is something wrong with the battery connection. If you push down on it it lights up and sings. You will have to repair this. The hips are unbroken and unstressed. The hose is cracked at both ends but the middle section is good. This is from storage. Shockwave suffers from short leg syndrome. One other thing the gun tip is broken off you can see in the pics. Other wise a good cheap complete Shockwave 50.00
    Sorry for the crappy pics my cats decided to tear my little macro booth apart.
    Here is a list of some items I am looking for
    G1 Roadbuster (you can really get me to sway for this fig)
    G1 Gnaw
    Henkei figs, Mirage, Bumblebee, RedAlert, Smokescreen, Inferno, Prime
    Anything Diaclone or Microchange (you could also gets tons out of me for these figs)
    A reissue VF-1S if it is nice.
    G1 Prowl complete no reissue
    Masterpiece Grimlock, Skywarp
    Good prerub Prime trailer w/ unbroken tabs.
    G1 Prerub Prime must have good chrome (bonus in trade value for this fig)
    E Hobby red tracks, silver skids, gold Jazz, chrome Prowl.
    Btw I will answer all PM's in the order received. Just want to be fair too all who are interested.

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    pm sent

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