Any guitarists here record their own music?

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    I figured I could find some fellow TFW'ers that play guitar and would like to help a design student out (and get paid money which is always :bay ) You can check my feedback in my sig and know that I'm a legit member here and WILL pay for your feedback/input.

    I'm a student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, and am doing my senior year project on designing a new device that will help guitarists record whenever they want to.

    I'd like to pay $15 (Paypal) to the first 4 people posting their review of their primary recording equipment on youtube (I also posted this on some guitar sites as well).You can post your video or link here. Just start the video with "Hi Tomas..." (and run the whole video with no cuts/editing or background music)

    I'd like you to answer these questions (just talk about the physical thing, not the sound quality) as descriptive and specific as possible...

    How easy is it to use? Is it difficult or easy? Why?
    Would you prefer a different control scheme? Another knob? Touch screen? More/less buttons?
    How are the menus? Is it easy or difficult to navigate? How would you change it?

    Please post any drawings showing your suggestions too!

    I also posted at some guitar sites. I'd like to pick one or two people for the second stage of research. I'm making this kit made of foamcore boxes, bits, knobs sliders, buttons, and fake screens. I'll mail you this kit (I'll pay for shipping) and you can design your own recording device, and then you can post a youtube video and e-mail me or post pics here, talking about your design. I can pay more money at this stage of research as well!

    Please help a student and a fellow TFWer!

    Below is a quick sketch of what this thing COULD look like, but I know it can be better once I get some people's input!

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