Anti-Scout tips and Tricks!

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    (*In Breakaway's voice.*)

    Sorry its been a while for this to get up but I had some things going on in real life. But know that I'm trying to finish up school so I got this up. Anti-Scout tips and tricks! If you want me to do ROTF and DOTM ones then say so.

    Weapons: The rocket launcher can take out cars if their trying to get away. The fusion cannon and magma frag can use splash damage but don't overuse them please! The plasma cannon can hit them and take away their clocking privileges. Tank cannons MBs, disruption and E sling can take them away.

    Quick tip, in gorge above the autobot base arch, you can jump up for a perfect ambush place. Also just because Scouts are dangerous dose not mean that Scouts can be taken out by Scouts.

    I'll get Anti-Soldier tips and tricks as well as ROTF and DOTM ones up if you'd like. Firestorm out. :) 
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    Scientist lock-ons are really good at dealing with scouts if you can keep up

    Shockwave and drain can reveal cloakers

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