another freakin TFA cossover

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    "uh, prowl do we really have to be here?", moaned bumblebee while prowl was looking at an exhibit, they were in a museum dedicated to early 21st century life.

    "i thought you enjoyed human culture?"

    "yeah, when its not on display!"

    "well you should be glad i didnt decide to go to a nature reserve"

    bumblebee was about to make a snappy comeback but knew prowl would find a way to overcome it so he moved on.
    they came to an exhibit with low tempratures. the tour guide spoke, "now here we have a well preserved example of an early 21st century family, this frozen living room was found in the icy remains of rhode island.

    bumblebee whispered, "boy, early humans shure were fat slobs! look at that one in the green pants, he must have been dumb as slag!"

    prowl said, "no dumber than you!"

    bumblebee tried to shock prowl with his electro-stinger but prowl dodged it and the bolt hit the temp control. the tour guide starred angrily and decided to move on not noticing the damaged temp control

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