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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Talathia, May 9, 2008.

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    HOKAY. So my awesome friend helped me with the dead hard drive problem. As some of you know- Everything was saved by some crazy chance of luck.

    So.. because I still have this device that can make a internal hard drive a external one. I tried to get all my crap off my old eMachine hard drive...The motherboard went up on that machine back in 2006..and I rushed like crazy burning as much art and everything else as possible. Didn't get everything off. But I did get all my photos, art, written crap, and guest art. That was all around 2 years ago. I never could get my hands on the gear that could make it a external hard drive. Now that I have it.. I wanna try and get some other stuff off of it.

    IE; Tons and tons of songs, Batman Beyond season 2, SWAT Kats, 3 seasons of Rocko's Modern Life, among other shows and cool stuff.
    So I go to the "Krist* Nichols" folder- where all my stuff is. Annnnd. "Access Denied."
    Oh, right. lawl. :D  I password protected my old computer.. And I still know the password ;B... but it never asks me for it when I click on the folder...
    Any one know how to crack this?

    Krist*It was totally epic once when I called the tech support line years ago and they called me "Christ" 8D. Ahh type-os when you're setting up your machine as a crazy teenager. FTW.

    Thanks :3

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