Announcing Auto Assembly Europe!

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    Announcing Auto Assembly Europe!

    Auto Assembly 2011 has just ended, but you haven't missed out on the news that there is a second Auto Assembly this year, have you?

    That's right, Auto Assembly Europe is here!

    Taking place at the Clarion Hotel Gillet in Uppsala, Sweden, on November 12-13 is the premiere Transformers fan convention in the Nordic region! Right smack in the middle of Uppsala, a city filled with history and tradition, is the Clarion Hotel Gillet. Easy to get to, situated on a quiet street free from traffic, close to the busy town centre with restaurants, bars, and shops.

    We have looked at what activities and programme items to have in order to make it a great weekend for everyone who joins in on the fun, including a selection of guests and we've listened to who YOU want to see!

    The first of our guests is a man who is back in the Nordic region at the request of our voters who participated in the poll we had going earlier this year. It is someone who barely needs an introduction; the one and only living legend, Simon Furman!

    Simon Furman started writing for the UK Transformers comic in 1985 and took over the US book in 1989. He has continued writing Transformers books for more than for 25 years, for Marvel Comics, Dreamwave Productions, IDW Publications, and Titan Magazines. He also wrote the final episode of the Beast Wars show on television. We are very excited to have him back at Auto Assembly Europe, and we hope that you are too!

    We are working hard to bring you the best possible programme, making sure there is something for just about everyone. We will have not one, but TWO charity auctions during the weekend, auctioning off some great items, including signed photographs! The proceeds will be donated to a charity of our choosing. Full weekend attendees will get an additional BONUS PROGRAMME, and we have something very special planned! Apart from that, there will also be guest talks, FREE autograph sessions, competitions, and much more!

    We're also bringing back the famous goodie bag, packed with awesome stuff for attendees, FOR FREE! For starters, we have copies of BOTH the 2009 and 2010 IDW Transformers comics with Auto Assembly exclusive cover arts by artist Nick Roche for the first 100 attendees, ALL of the Auto Assembly 2011 postcards with exclusive art on them, amazing bumper stickers, exclusive lanyards for you to have your Auto Assembly Europe passes in, and more!

    All this and a move to a brand new, bigger, more luxurious venue. What more could you ask for? Special discounted room rates from the hotel so it's cheaper for you to stay there? We already did that as well!

    Come to Auto Assembly Europe in Sweden this November and be part of a memorable weekend with lots of fun!

    Bookings will open soon!

    For more information and for the latest news and updates, visit

    Auto Assembly Europe is sponsored by:

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    Will be looking forward to hearing more about this...also...where are the posts? was posted yesterday and no replies? Come on people - weigh in on it.
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    Errr... Couldn't get to the one in Birmingham so have doubts about making it to Scandinavia.

    Which is a shame. If there are two things I like in this world they're TFs and holidays in Northern Europe.
    (Also Robocop, veggie sausages, music, chunky socks, cycling and animals in Victorian costume.)

    Enjoy AAE those lucky enough to make it!
  4. DrArkeville

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    Since I live in Sweden and I love transformers I definitively be there.
    I hope... wait! I KNOW it's going to be great :D 
  5. bariprime

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    My Dannish friend told me last year about AA and I must say, I wish I could be there.

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