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    Hey guys,

    This is something I've been meaning to do for a while, a (kind of) little story set in the before the War Within series, kind of three quarters of the way through Megatron: Origin (you'll see what I mean)

    A quick synopsis for those who may not feel so adventurous: as the Autobot regime crumbles and Megatron's Decepticon faction begins its uprising, the Decepticon leader finds out his greatest test yet will come from a force much closer to home...

    So, without out further a do, I present part 1:

    p.s., I'm not sure about the title, if anybody's got any better, more enticing suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

    by Jon5000

    Call me Rage.

    In case you were wondering, it’s a nickname I was given during my time on the front line. Apparently it was appropriate. We’ll see.

    Cybertron. Scrap. Feels like a stellar-cycle since I last saw this place. Probably is. Home sweet home. Can’t say I’ve missed it. Funny, I always used to feel a little undeserving of this place. Like I didn’t belong here. The things I’ve seen. The things I’ve done. My past. But I’ve never felt more at home here now. Cybetron has changed, for the worse. And I like it.

    Before I left things were different; I guess you could have called it peace; well, a kind of peace. Sure, things have never been perfect, but they‘re a darn sight worse now. The planet’s problems flicker over my optic sensors as I walk past each block. Insecurity. Uncertainty. Unrest. You see, this is what happens to a civilization after it reaches its glossy heights – things fall apart, ‘Bots start to go their separate ways. It didn’t used to be like this. There was a time when we all fell in. When we all knew our place. It starts with the little things. Some ‘Bot can get his supply of Energon somewhere else. Then more follow. Before you know it, you’ve got a whole army of followers. And before you know it, you’ve started an idea. And there ain’t no Prime in the Universe who can destroy an idea.

    Megatron had an idea. He didn’t fall in with Sentinel Prime’s ideals, his ‘truths’. Nobody knows exactly what happened. I’ve heard he used to work in an Energon mine, had his friends killed by some corrupt Autobot bureaucrat. Enough to piss any ‘Bot off. But he’s the big cheese around here now. He runs the underground gladiatorial network. Well, underground since Prime outlawed the whole affair. But I’m sure he’s got bigger aspirations. There have been a few attacks on Autobot outposts in the last few Deca-cycle’s. He won’t claim any part in it, but it’s got Decepticon uprising written all over it. They weren’t after Energon or any kind of currency; they just wanted to send a message. Show Cybertron they mean business. Did it work? We’ll see.

    Me, I’m not the kind of ‘Bot who subscribes to ideas. I used to think if you're not living in the thick of the action, you're not living - but my fighting days are behind me. For now at least. No, I’ll take a vat of Energon and a table at Maccadam's Old Oil House over kick starting an uprising any orbital cycle of the week.

    Unlike the rest of Cybertron, Maccadam’s is exactly like I remember it. The first place to look for trouble, but also the last place you’ll want to find it. This is lowest place of the low on Cybetron. The kinda place where nobody knows your name. Where nobody knows where you came from. The kinda place you can disappear. My kinda place.

    It doesn’t take me long to order my first shot of pure energon. This is the stuff they use to fire shuttles out of the upper Cybertronian atmosphere. The trick is to take it in one. If you let it sit on your pharynx sensor for too long, it’ll send an energy pulse straight into your neural processor that’ll have you chasing holograms for a mega-cycle. Believe me, its not something you want to try on a whim.

    This place reeks of the usual clientele. Pirates, bounty hunters, Energon traffickers. You name it, they’ve got it. Someone in the corner catchers my eye. Something doesn’t seem right about him. Red eyes glaring at me from the shadows. A cloaked figure. Decepticon? Heh, who knows. I don’t have any enemies in this place. Well, none that I remember. I’d ask him what he wants, but I don’t want any trouble. Even a ‘Bot with the combat I’ve seen, a throw down in this place isn’t smart. Last ‘Bot who picked a fight here is now being used to sweep skyways at Tagan Heights, or so I heard. Wouldn’t surprise me. I stay by the bar, best place to blend.

    I order another energon shot. Good Ol’ Maccadam, there sure ain’t nobody else on Cybertron who makes them like this. Some ‘Bots say he’s one of the original thirteen. Always did make me laugh. Energon consumption has been around since the dawn of time. By Primus to that. Soon I won’t be able to feel any of that nasty burr on my rotator. A common injury for those who’ve seen front line combat, I’m told. Scrap, I wish that punk ass Piano-bot over there would play something worth drinking too. Oh well, can’t always have it the way you want. Circuits up!

    The hours pass as I let the energon smoulder inside me. More ‘bots come and go, but always those eyes in the corner stare out at me. Maybe it’s the energon talking, but I’m starting to feel a little paranoid. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around, quickly. You never know who might spring one on you in this part of town.

    Decepticons, great. And two of them.

    ‘You don’t carry a badge?’ One of them says.

    ‘I prefer to keep my sympathese close to my chest.’

    ‘Urgh, a Neutral – just the kinda fodder Megatron wants in the arena, wouldn’t you say, Darkwing?’ He looks to his pal, who’s already aiming his weapon in my face. This ain’t the kind of attention I wanted, especially in this place. I see those red eyes glaring at me in the corner again. Maybe they’re working for him?

    ‘Look guys, maybe we got off to the wrong start? How ‘bout I get you a drink?’

    They look at eachother. I was never an advocate of politeness, but it seems to be working so far.

    Ouch. Suddenly I’m punched in the jaw and sent crashing to the ground. Normally I’d retaliate, but at least three quarters of the occupants here have Decepticon badges, not a smart move.

    ‘Hey, no fighting in here. You punks take your dispute outside!’

    Rocky. Thank Primus. If nothing else, you can always count on the staff at this place. Nobody crosses a Simian.

    The two Decepticons scupper off outside. I expect they’ll be off to another Energon bar trying to find anonymous vagabonds like myself for Megatron’s arena. The less known, the better. Well, my night’s pretty much over. I throw Ol’ Maccadam a tip and head on out into the Cybertronian air. What a rush.

    Outside, things are as quiet as ever. Maybe too quiet. This might not be the most hospitable district on Cybertron, but you can always count on some kind of action. Maybe there’s a fight on. I’ll walk a few blocks to the East. The sooner I get out of plain sight the better. I don’t think there’d be any bar staff around to help if things got out of hand. Not that I can’t take care of myself…

    Wait, somethings not right.

    I feel a cold flicker behind me. Two shadows, side by side. I turn around. The Decepticons, again.

    ‘Well, looks like Mr. Neutral doesn’t have his Simian cohort to protect him. What say we carve open this one’s chest and find out where his sympathese really lay, eh Dreadwing?’

    ‘Mmm, sounds like an excellent idea, Darkwing.’

    Hmmm, I can take on two. But I see more shadows coming out from behind them. Great, a whole bunch of them. This sure ain’t gonna be pretty. Maybe it’d just be easier to go to the arena with them.

    Nah, scrap that.

    One of them comes at me with an energy blade. I counter his lunge and throw him off into a wall. Not before another one tackles me from behind. Then more. I was right, this was never going to pretty.

    Ooff. I’ve been nice long enough, now its time to show them who’s boss. I knock my shield visor down. Now I can get a good look at them all in the darkness. 7 of them. The more the merrier.

    I take out two with swift blows to the kneck. Severs the neural wiring to the main processor. An old move I learned on the front line. But it doesn’t take long for them to get smart. They create a circle around me. If I can’t see all of them, they I don’t have control. Suddenly I feel my legs go. Energy chains, slung from behind. What are they gonna do, put me in a sack?

    Three of them pin me down. I can’t move.

    ‘Not so tough now are we?’ The ringleader runs his energon blade against my kneck. ‘Megatron wants tough ‘Bots like you, makes things more interesting.’ The others groan like organics in excitement. What has Cybertron turned into?

    One of the Decepticons sets his laser canon for stun, aiming it into my face. Oh well, better painless I suppose.

    Wait, I see something ahead of me. Those red eyes. Its him, from the bar. Maybe I was right, they are working for him. Whoever he is. I guess I’m about to find out. But somethings not right. They haven’t noticed him. Maybe I’m wrong. Suddenly he grabs one of them and hurls him into the others. I get up, grabbing another Decepticon and doing the same. It seems he’s here to help. But for how long?

    Together we managed to beat enough out of them to scare them off. But they’ll be back.

    ‘We’d best get out of sight.’ The mysterious figure says. I don’t have a choice but to go with him.

    ‘You’re not Decepticon?’ I see the red flicker in his eyes. He doesn’t answer. Alright, lets try politeness.

    ‘I didn’t get a chance to thank you.’

    Again, he doesn’t reply.

    ‘You wanna know my name?’ That’s about as far as my politeness goes.

    ‘I already know your name.’ His voice sounds distorted. Perhaps an injury? Or he’s disguising himself. What has he got to hide, I wonder.

    ‘You do huh?’

    ‘I know everything there is to know about you, Rage.’

    Hmmm, this I wasn’t expecting.

    ‘You are at a lost and without direction, in this seemingly endless labyrinth of pathways.’

    I’m guess he means Cybertron?

    ‘Listen – cut the metaphors please. Who are you and why are you so interested in who I am and what I’m doing here?’

    Like I said, I don’t do politeness.

    ‘I come here to merely offer you a path, Rage.’

    ‘You want me to join a faction? What are you? LSC? Ultracon?’

    ‘No, no. My offerings are far less trivial than mere ideas.’

    ‘Then what?’

    ‘Do you ever feel you are subscribed to this planet for a purpose, Rage. Do you feel that your being here is perhaps more guided than you had realised?’

    ‘What do you mean?’

    ‘I know who you are Rage. I know what you have done. I know who you have, how shall we say, worked with, in your recent past.’

    ‘You don’t know anything about me. Now get out of my sight before I shown you a real path out of here.’ I can’t take much more of this philosophy-mumbo-jumbo.

    ‘Rage – a nickname given to you by your masters in the Stormtrooper squadron, am I correct? A decidedly apt nickname, I am led to believe?

    I freeze.

    ‘Yes, Rage. Even for a place as complex as Cybertron, nobody can ever truly escape their past. Bludgeon was a ruthless employer, was he? Or did your ‘sympathese’ lie against the greater good of Cybertron. Did your sympathese lay with murder?’

    ‘What is this, blackmail?’

    ‘Call it a path, amongst a sea of uncertainty.’

    ‘You’d turn me in to the Autobot High Council?’

    ‘Who knows, my friend.’

    Great, my betrayer and my friend. The worst combination.

    ‘What do you want? Energon? My parts? I have nothing of any value.’

    ‘Oh, but you do my friend. Your mere existence is of utmost value in these dark times.’

    ‘I don’t understand.’

    ‘You, Rage, are expertly placed to carry out that which nobody else will. To bring peace and order back to Cybertron, by removing its most potent opponent from within.’

    He comes closer. His cloak waving in the wind.

    ‘What would you have me do… friend?’

    ‘I want you to kill Megatron. Infiltrate the Decepticon ranks and remove him from his seat at the head of Cybetron’s underworld.’

    His red eyes widen.

    ‘You are not Decepticon?’

    ‘…Not all followers of an idea are bound to agree with its figurehead, my friend.’

    And then, he was gone. Into the darkness.

    That was it. My destiny, chosen before me. I now have a path.

    Hours pass as I ride through Cybertrons streets. At this rate, I’ll be halfway to Kaon within an Orbital Cycle.

    Well, I have to start somewhere.


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    Any love to inspire me to finish part 2...? lol

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