Ankle Tilt for TR Powermaster Prime / CW Ultra Magnus

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    One of the things that always bothered me with CW Ultra Magnus was the lack of ankle tilt, which they compensated with having the feet have a slanted angle, but the only way to have his feet flat on the ground is to have the legs close together. This problem was even worse on TR Powermaster Prime since the trailer flaps on the inner legs prevent them from being close like Ultra Magnus, which prevents his feet from being flat to the ground even on the most basic standing pose. I decided to fix that.

    20170611_110056.jpg 20170611_105850.jpg 20170611_110227.jpg 20170611_110607.jpg

    Here is a simple mod that adds ankle tilt to both figures:

    1. Use a soldering iron to heat the pin that holds the foot hinge to the leg and pull it out. (Be careful not to damage the hinge).
    2. Cut off the peg inside the leg that was connected to the foot hinge by the pin.
    3. Hand drill a little the inside of the hinge's hole to create a rounded surface for the ball peg.
    4. Find a ball peg that fits inside the hinge's hole and cut off the ball flush with the edge of the hinge. (I used some pieces from 2 DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime KOs which fit perfectly).
    5. Find a screw that fits into the pin hole on the inside of the legs and cut the head off.
    6. Drill a hole inside the ball peg big enough for the screw, then put glue and the screw.
    7. Glue and screw the ball peg into the pin hole on the inside of the leg.
    8. Using glue or liquid plastic create a lip on the inside edge of the foot hinge's hole. (This prevents the hinge from falling off the ball peg once you pop it in.)
    9. Pop the foot hinge onto the ball peg and enjoy!
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